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PRO Shop Features

You get all the PRO Plan features and these below:

Increased Products PRO Shop
More Products
  • You get 10 albums in your Photo Gallery
  • Each album holds 12 photos
  • Your shop can support up to 120 items.


Add/Edit Products PRO Shop
Define Products

Any item in your Photo Gallery can go into your store.
Just use the "Add to Shop" button

Once a product is in the store, you can use the "Edit Product" button to
make changes to the product definition.

Product Name Use your photo title or choose your own product name.
ID Number Let the system assign an ID number to your product
or choose your own ID number for each product.
Quantity Your store can be set up to only sell 1 of any item
or you can enter a product quantity for each item.
Manufacturing Cost You can assign a product cost and get profit reports.
Product Shipping You can set shipping by product or by cart.
Product Tax You can set taxes by product or by cart.


Shopping Cart PRO Shop
Checkout Process

Making a purchase is a 3-step process.

  • Putting items into cart
  • Entering your contact info and seleting payment type
  • Confirming your purchase
Payment Methods

Choose your payment methods.

  • Credit Card and PayPal Accunts
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money Order

* You must have a PayPal account to accept credit
cards and/or PayPal Accounts.

Currency Choose your own currency type.
Store Name Use your own name or add a custom store name.
Order Number An incremental order number is created, you choose the starting number.
Order Confirmation Emails

Have the order confirmation emails sent to your normal email address or send them to a custom email address.

An order confirmation email is sent to both to you and the customer upon the submission of each order. For credit cart or PayPal payments, PayPal sends payment confirmations.


Custom Store Buttons Choose your own words for the "Add to Cart"
and "View Cart" buttons
Customer Comments Enable customer comments in cart to allow customer to enter notes on their orders.
Custom Required Fields

Choose which contact info items you want to be required.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Country
  • Phone
Look and Feel Change the colors of all the backgrounds, buttons, borders
and text for shopping cart.


Order Tracking PRO Shop
Order Tracking

Track orders by status:

  • Show All Orders
  • Waiting For Payment
  • Payment Received
  • Order Completed
  • Order Deleted
Order Status Update the order status for any order.
Shipping Notes

Input shipping notes for any order.

Send Customer Shipping Notice Email Send an automated email to customers notifiying them of your shipment.
Private Notes Maintain private notes on each order.


Reports PRO Shop
Available Reports

View Reports:

  • Customer Report
  • Sale Report
  • Tax Report
  • Profit Report
View, Print or Download View the reports in your Control Panel, print them or download them for use in your spreadsheet.


Discount Coupons PRO Shop
Create discount coupons

You can create custom discount coupons to encourage people to purchase from your shop.

To use a coupon, a customer enters it into the cart and it is validated against your list of active coupons.

Coupon Codes Choose the name of your coupon. This name is given to your prospetive customers and they use it when they place their order.
Coupon Types

Coupons can be created for:

  • Discount $ off the entire order
  • Discount % off the entire order
  • Discount from shipping
  • Free Shipping
Coupon Expiration Set an expiration date for each coupon.
Minimum Order Amount You can set the minimum order amount for the coupon to be valid.


Shipping Charges PRO Shop
Shipping Charges

Set shipping by:

  • No Shipping Charge
  • Set shipping price on each product definition
  • Set one shipping price to apply to every product
  • Set one shipping price for entire order
Product Defined Shipping Charge If you're selling a quantity of any item, you can set a shipping price for first item sold and a second price for subsequent orders of the same items purchased at the same time.
Minimum Shipping Charge Set the minimum shipping charge for each order.
Maximum Shipping Charge Set the maximum shipping charge for each order.
Free Shipping Level

Set an order price which when hit will trigger free shipping.

Example: Get Free Shipping For Orders of $500 or greater.


Taxes PRO Shop
Set Tax

Set Taxes by:

  • No Taxes
  • Tax by Customers State
  • Tax by Customers Country
State Taxes Set individual State Tax values.
Country Taxes Set individual Country Tax values.



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