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PRO Plan - Administration System Tour

Page 1 - Your PRO Plan Web Site

When you subscribe to the PRO Plan, you get to take advantage of it's advanced features.
They include:

  • 5 Photo Albums with a total of 60 photos and optional slideshow functionality.
  • Your own Blog with optional blog comments and optional moderation.
  • Events Calendar.
  • Web Site Templates to change the layout of your web site.
  • Increased web site statistics.
  • The abilty to use your own web site domain name.
  • Change the header to an image banner for a big impact.
  • No advertising sidebar.
  • And more...

In this tour, we'll try to show you these new features.

PRO Plan Web Site

The first thing that you'll notice after you log into the PRO Plan Administration system is the
top menu. There are several more tabs to support the new functionality;
namely the Calendar and Blog tabs.


Manage Web Pages

In the Manage Web Page tab,  the left hand navigation bar has a new option to "Choose Web Themes".

In the main body, you'll also notice new options for the Calendar and Blog.


Choose Web Theme

The new "Choose Web Theme" functionality allows you to move the location of the menu bar.

There are 5 different layouts that you can choose.

Using these layouts will really allow you to create a unique looking web site!


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