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Your Free Web Site Tour

Page 1 - Your Free Web Site

When you sign up for a Free Web Site, you get your own free web site and photo gallery.

You even get to choose your own web site name.
Your web site address is created in the following format:

When the web site is created for you, it comes with four (4) web pages:

  • Home Page
  • Photo Gallery
  • About the Artist
  • Contact the Artist

Your Free Web Site

The top of your free web site will look something like this.
You will have a top header where you can include an image, use your own name or a
custom web site name and even add a slogan.

The horizontal menu bar makes it easy for visitors to navigate your web site.

A narrow right column displays advertising for your web site.

And you have a large content section to create your own web site page!

Your Free Web Site

The bottom of your web site includes your copyright and optional tag line.
You can choose to remove the copyright.

You will also find a link to the Web Site Administration login page at the bottom of your live web site.


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