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Free Web Site - Administration System Tour

Page 1 - Log into Your Administration System

In your Confirmation Email, click on the link to take you to the Web Site Administration login page.

You can also find a link to the Web Site Administration login page at the bottom of your live web site.

Web Site Administration

Using the login credentials in your Confirmation Email, input your email address and your temporary password.

Press the Login button.

Web Site Administration

Each time you login, you will be taken to the "Control Panel" page. This "Main Page" provides two important links:

  • Your Web Site link
  • User Guide


If this is the first time that you've logged into your account, you need to update your password. Make your new password something easy for you to remember.

Click on the Settings Tab, and select "Change Your Password" from the left Navigation Bar.

Change Your Password

Enter a new password and confirm it before pressing the "Change Password" button.

That's it... you're now ready to start creating your web site!

Go to Page 2 - Using the User Guide



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