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Article:  What is SEO Optimized?

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It is important to have your web site listed with Search Engines so that people can find your web site. We have created the tools to help Search Engines find your web site and then to properly list it in search results. When you have completed all the pieces required by Search Engines, you are then optimized.

The major factors that search engines look for are:

  • Page Titles (found in the web pages section)
  • Meta keywords (found in the web pages section)
  • Meta description (found in the web pages section)
  • Alt. tags on your photos (available when entering your photos)
  • Page content that is well written and uses your keywords.

The last thing that you can do to help Search Engines rate your web site is to increase the quantity of links to your web site. The more links to your web site, the higher that you are rated. We start you off with our Artist Gallery Directory. Completing the Directory Listing section (under Settings) will enter you into the Directory and start increasing your exposure.

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